Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of Class

First Class I attended... was awesome inspiring beginning of a new semester.
Open my eye to a whole new perspective... this means I need to read more instead of staying at Home day dreaming like an artist... instead I need to read more like an artist now... means more picture and photograph hahaha...

So first day of class introduce a solution to go "green" and avoid 2012... so what is it that can avoid 2012?


Never knew rite? When Science and Art comes in play you get something that can safe your ASS.

Its by Vincent Callebaut, no wonder last semester in design so many of my class mate were designing circle.

Tips: Don't be so fascinated with one's art design your own art seriously you learn more.

Till next time peep's~

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Its been quite a while since I had blog something....
Been busy working and all so did't have time for myself any how I still will try my best
to update as much as I can no promises though so you peep's just have to finish here time to time
to check it out hahahahhaha....

So lately I been experimenting some software's for 3D awesome ness....

so this are the result according to the rendered scene

This is Vrayed and testing on material outcome
From left to right:
Skin, Stone, Glass, Steel
This is a living room design giving out the modern japan feeling

By the way i'm officially able to design your dream home but just f0r a conceptual stage so interested just to have a view or a picture of your dream home give me your request and I design something up for you

So till next time TTFN! peep's

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Been Busy

Its been few months not updating the Blog, its because I'm busy~~~ anyway I shall deliver a comic just to entertain what going on in my busy busy life...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Independence Day

I remember the time when I was in High School, I had no friend, but the entire school was like a family to me. The funniest things was it didn't matter whether I was Malay, Chinese, or Indian we all came together as a family of healthy boys surviving everyday at school making it the best est time we had! Laughing from jokes to jokes, having party at every end of the year~ A group hang out, watching movie together.

It was really the greatest moment of my life. We would use word like "Oi maca! bila mahu seik fan~" meaning hey when want to eat!! This was what we thought our first Malaysian language! mixture of both Chinese, Malay and Indian. We all laugh so hard that our belly would pop out.

We all went through hardship, sweat and tears together in High school. If all my past brothers reading this, let be reminded on this day! Independence day of Malaysia as what we known as Merdeka.

On the Very Day that Tunku Abdul Rahman declare late one day in providing us our freedom. Not "1" races! but the entire country and its people. Where all three main races come together and shed tear for all the hardship this country has went through. Those were the days of peace back in High School known to me only by name that I'll remember until the day I am buried 6 feet under. Methodist Boy School Kuala Lumpur. A school were by everyone of us are known as Monkey Boy School. Yes not Malaysia Best School. A school known as Monkey, no races, no religion just monkey boys who had played and laugh together from all the hardship the school had given us.

Now, today Living in the present... I feel sad reading, about religion and races problem. I no longer shed tears of joy for the past but tears of pain that our country begins to corrupt till its core. The 1 Malaysia Slogan its mockery of what I had in the past. Such a simple idea of 1 Malaysia its a virus that corrupts us all. To be the first races of the country. Such as slogan rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian di dahulukan. Its not a wrong slogan. But it does not serve its purpose as psychology its promotes negative instead of what we really want. I rather live by slogan like Monkey Boy School then 1 Malaysia. Who to blame? not pointing fingers but its shown clearly and obviously.

After the fall of the 4th president, I only have seen Malaysia falling but not raising. The people of the upper level must realize, its not slogan that give them the authorities, its not plans, its not court rooms and laws, its not the house, cars and money. Its the "People". We the people has been living under corruption for a few years. We should realize! what they had been doing. Yes its not races to blame each other. Its not religion to blame each other. All of this made happen from the origin of the one who plan it all. Realize how crappy the law and order of our country. If the dead would rise from their grave, they would tell us the truth.

Unite and Stand. They might have tools and arm forces, but we have our rights, our freedom of voice and we need its just a bit of courage to stand what we believe.

We don't want 1 Malaysia, We want Together Malaysia.
We want Rakyat Diutamakan, Pencapaian Dipentingkan.

Happy Indenpendence Day